ladspa-blop-plugins - Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins

BLOP comprises a set of LADSPA plugins that generate bandlimited
sawtooth, square, variable pulse and slope-variable triangle waves,
for use in LADSPA hosts, principally for use with one of the many
modular software synthesisers available.

They are wavetable based, and are designed to produce output with
harmonic content as high as possible over a wide pitch range.
License:GPLv2+ Group:Applications/Multimedia
URL: Source: ladspa-blop-plugins


Name Version Release Type Size Built
ladspa-blop-plugins 0.2.8 7.el5.ccrma x86_64 1.63 MiB Thu Jul 10 08:17:00 2008


* Thu Apr 3 15:00:00 2008 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.2.8-7
- Fix missing prototype compiler warnings
* Tue Feb 19 14:00:00 2008 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng{%}fedoraproject{*}org> - 0.2.8-6
- Autorebuild for GCC 4.3
* Thu Sep 20 15:00:00 2007 Hans de Goede <j{*}w{*}r{*}degoede{%}hhs{*}nl> 0.2.8-5
- Preserve timestamp when install rdf file

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