pdreceive (1)


       pdreceive - receive messages from pd on this or a remote machine


       pdreceive port-number [udp|tcp]


       Pdreceive opens a socket (with the specified port number) and waits for
       messages to arrive from one or more instances of pd(1).   Each  message
       received  is  printed to the standard output with a trailing semicolon.
       The protocol used is easy to implement and is called FUDI.

       The port number should agree with the port number of a "netsend" object
       within  pd.  The protocol is "tcp" by default; this does a handshake to
       guarantee that all messages arrive complete and in their correct order;
       if you are sending messages locally or point-to-point you can often get
       away with the faster udp protocol instead.

       You can also use this to get messages from a Max "pdnetsend" object  or
       even  just a "pdsend" in another shell.  If you're writing another pro-
       gram you're welcome to just grab the sources for  pdsend/pdreceive  and
       adapt them to your own ends; they're part of the Pd distribution.


       pd(1), pdsend(1)

GNU                               1996 Mar 20                     pdreceive(1)