alsamixer (1)


       alsamixer  -  soundcard  mixer  for ALSA soundcard driver, with ncurses


       alsamixer [options]


       alsamixer is an ncurses mixer program for use with the  ALSA  soundcard
       drivers. It supports multiple soundcards with multiple devices.


       alsamixer [options]

       -h, -help
              Help: show available flags.

       -c <card number or idenfication>
              Select  the  soundcard  to use, if you have more than one. Cards
              are numbered from 0 (the default).

       -D <device identification>
              Select the mixer device to control.

       -g <toggle color settings>
              Toggle the using of colors.

       -s <minimize mixer window>
              Minimize the mixer window.


       alsamixer recognizes the following keyboard  commands  to  control  the

   General Controls
       The  Left  and  right  arrow  keys  are  used to select the channel (or
       device, depending on your preferred terminology). You can  also  use  n
       ("next") and p ("previous").

       The  Up  and  Down Arrows control the volume for the currently selected
       device. You can also use + or - for the same purpose. Both the left and
       right signals are affected. For independent left and right control, see

       The B or = key adjusts the balance of volumes on left and  right  chan-
       using Insert (or ;) and Delete (or ') respectively.

       L re-draws the screen.

   Quick Volume Changes
       PageUp increases volume by 5.

       PageDown decreases volume by 5.

       End sets volume to 0.

       You can also control left & right levels for the current channel  inde-
       pendently, as follows:

       [Q | W | E ]  -- turn UP [ left | both | right ]

       [Z | X | C ] -- turn DOWN [ left | both | right ]

       If  the  currently selected mixer channel is not a stereo channel, then
       all UP keys will work like W, and all DOWN keys will work like X.

       Quit the program with ALT Q, or by hitting ESC.  Please note  that  you
       might  need to hit ESC twice on some terminals since it's regarded as a
       prefix key.


        amixer(1), aplay(1), arecord(1)


       Some terminal emulators (e.g. nxterm) may not  work  quite  right  with
       ncurses,  but  that's their own damn fault. Plain old xterm seems to be


       alsamixer has been written by Tim Janik <>  and  been  fur-
       therly improved by Jaroslav Kysela <>.

       This manual page was provided by Paul Winkler <>.

                                  15 May 2001                     alsamixer(1)