Liquid Media: The Ripple of Emotion

An interactive installation and instrument, 2000, 2004
Total size : 2.5 * 1.6 * 3.0M

Zune Lee, Sung Kyun Jang, Joon Gee Lee

Liquid Media is an artistic experiment to combine visual art with spatial sound to construct a new form of multimedia. We try to link a series of liquid images to computer-generated liquid sounds both in digital and analog media on real-time. To achieve it, we designed a special human-computer interface and a multimedia system which can create liquid images and sounds.

At first, we constructed an installation enabling to create big water ripples and ripple sounds. The installation is connected with a MIDI signal generator which is possibly utilized like a MIDI keyboard, thereby initiating ripple sounds and ripple images by playing. Also, this work can be a group of interactive installations and a kind of human-computer interfaces for an audio-visual performance. Accordingly, public may participate in playing these instruments on this audio-visual installation, and they had an adventurous experience while their performance.

Here is the detail (PDF).


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