Sound Ball Collider

An interactive sound game by Yuchen Li

Game detail

In this interactive music game. You are acting as a spaceship swiming in a pool of sound balls. Your goal is to collect as many sound balls as possible and earn higher scores. However, the sound space is a twisted space and the spaceship is losing health in this space as time goes on. Therefore, you need to keep collecting the correct sound ball to keep the spaceship alive. Some specific sound balls can also benefit you by filling the gas the spaceship needed to travel, or filling the energy for it to use special abilities.

Each sound ball is generated based on the loudness of the input sound. The louder the input sound, the more balls will be generated. When colliding with a sound ball, it will replay the input sound at the time the ball is generated.

Different colors of the sound ball has different meanings:


As a spacecraft, sometimes you feel that it's very hard to catch balls as they are moving very fast and your spaceship is relatively small. Therefore you need all kinds of special abilities:

Motivation and design

The motivation of this game come from a desire to produce a game that interacts with real world audio. Here in this game, people can produce sounds to produce more sound balls and the sound that is used to produce the sound ball is stored in it. It's replayed as the spaceship collects the sound ball, so that people can hear what sound is used to produce the sound ball it stepped on.

The goal of designing this game is to make it more fun. Therefore many different balls are available each with different usages. Also the spaceship the user controls also has different special abilities that helps collect the sound balls. The player can interact with the game using not only the keyboard but also their own voice, thus making it a very interactive music game experience.