Who I am

I am a performer, singer, and a fist-year graduate student at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University. My advisor is Chris Chafe, the director of CCRMA. I also received a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Information Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnology University in China. My research interests lie in the fields of digital sounds, acoustics, music applications related to Human Computer Interaction and Signal Processing. And I'm hoping to create the Alice's Wonderland of Music.


Stuff I do

Besides cooking and drawing, I spend most of my time doing ...


    Psychoacoustics - Binaural Mixdown

    This project uses several sound sources and various sound effects. In this work, I use four channels of sound and process these signals into a stereo binaural file. The implementation tool is ChucK. The project is aimed as a dramatic movie trailer. Played back over headphones or earbuds,binaural preserves the IID and ITD cues which are basic to sound localization.

    project page


    Build a function that genereates a spectrogram of a input signal(Short-time Fourier transform).

    MATLAB Coding


    In my senior year of undergraduate study, I went to Beijing to work with Professor Feng Tian in the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a pioneer research institution of sciences and technologies in China. We designed and developed a tool for children, without any musical training, for interactive music ensemble experiences. We used simple symbols to visualize music note durations and pauses for better understanding of abstract concepts and pre-programed the pitch in sequence.

    YuanLi-EnseWing from yuanli on Vimeo.

    Studio Recording

    Miking a piano. The main approaches used in this project are the spaced pair and the coincident pair. Somewhere between these are the near-coincident techniques like ORTF. An additional technique is mid-side (MS) in which a forward-facing directional microphone is combined with a side-facing figure eight microphone to produce a synthesized stereo pair by matrixing. Each of these techniques involves the localization cues to different degrees. (spaced pair, coincident X-Y and near-coincident (ORTF) configurations)

    Piano Recording File


    An Effective Method of 3D Facial Features Segmentation

    I developed targeted functions, a clustering method based on triangular mesh surface curvatures and regional segmentation that effectively extracts eyes, nose and mouth features on a 3D human face. My thesis was ranked in the top 5 in the School of Electronic Information, NWPU. Based on this research, I wrote a paper about the experimental results, which was accepted by the International Conference of Signal Processing CISP 2014, pp.375-380. (EI :20150500471616).

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One more thing

Make some noises

si nian

Working with school's boys choir team, adapted one famous Chinese song "Si Nian" combined with the elements of A Cappella and Jazz. And I performed the female leading vocal part in this audio material.



Music studio singing recording


On stage

The champion of Stanford Chinese Singing Contest 2015