The Bluetooth Radio Ball Interface

... a wireless interface for music/sound control and motion sonification



The Bluetooth Radio Ball Interface (BRBI, pronounced Barbie) is a novel wireless ball interface for sound control and motion sonification.
Inside a soft, easily grasped palm-size foam ball is a Wireless Accelerometer / Tilt Sensor (v.2) that contains a 3-dimensional accelerometer/tilt sensor and a Bluetooth transmitter on a single board to send out measurement data to a Macintosh computer.

Data is processed by the WiTilt to OSC (W2O) - a program to decode binary inputs and re-format them as Open Sound Control (OSC) messages, and then transmitted over a UDP connection to any OSC-compatible application.

Signal Flow

Gesture Mappings for Sound Control

  • Slow rotation: tilt angles with high precision
  • Spin: more rapid changes with tilt angles, with moderate acceleration
  • Shake: frequent high jumps in acceleration values

ICMC Presentation

Sample Videos & Max/MSP patches