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So Who is this Guy Anyway?

My name is Woody Herman. I'm currently a Masters student at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA we pronounce it "karma" because it allows us to make funny Radiohead puns). I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Music Science and Technology from Tulane University in May of 2013, and also graduated with a minor in Engineering Science. I've been a guitar player for about 10 years now and am really interested in how we can use technology and the new digital analysis techniques at our disposal to create new hardware and software to extend the capabilities of the old analog instruments that we love. When I'm not working with MATLAB, or writing C++ code I like to keep myself busy by getting as far away from the computer as possible. This usually includes playing soccer, going on hikes or rock climbing. Browse through the tabs at the top to see what kind of projects I've worked on, or would like to work on, some compositions I've done, and get the lowdown on the band I play in, The BFGs. Below, you can find a link to my resume.