Surround Commute

This is my final project for 222 Sound in Space Spring 2017. I wanted to mix different styles of music, along with some sounds effects, in a convincing and entertaining surround experience. Field recordings were done on my old Zoom H2. 'Musical' audio was recorded/synthesized, sampled, and/or processed in Ableton Live 9.7. Mixing and further processing was done in Logic Pro X, along with the internal binaural and 5.1 panners.

This is the binaural mix, listen on headphones.

Binaural Commute

This is the 5.1 mix in one 6-channel .wav file. The Genelec system I used to mix this at CCRMA, Stanford handled the low frequency content distributio; there is nothing on the subwoofer channel of this .wav. When you open this, make sure the channel positions match that of Channel Order file that is right below.

5.1 Surround Commute

Channel Order for 5.1 Surround Commute

These are the individual mono tracks for the 5.1 Surround Commute, they are labeled by location.




Left Back

Right Back

Here is a list of everyone I recorded(in order of appearance on the radio):

Chris Chafe - Bach Chorale
Davide Tiso - Metal
Marvin Paez - Latin
Jay Kadis - Rock
Jesse Green - Electronic
Justice Njoku - RnB (‘Location’ cover by Khalid)

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