Hello Worlds feat. Chris Chafe

Hello Worlds is a piece for celleto live effects in Ableton Live 9.7 using an 8-channels horizontal array. This is my final project for Chris Chafe's 220C class in the Spring 2017 quarter at CCRMA, Stanford.

This piece contains four separate movements. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th involve real-time audio effects processing, the 3rd is composed strictly of samples I took from a previous recording Chris Chafe and I did several months ago(April 2017). The real-time effects movements were designed to give the performer/improvisor interesting environments to play around and get lost in. The celleto has four mono line-level outputs, one per string. I processed these strings separately in all 3 real-time pieces. Movement 1 contains delays on every channel that are all run through a mono to 8-channel panning matrix/scheme I developed(everything is done within Ableton live). Movement 2 contains multiple amp simulators and static placement of the four distinct strings in a front to back order. Movement 3 contains my mono to 8-channel panning matrix, along with several placements made via fixed edits. Movement 4 places each string in its own quadrant. In the opposite corner, a vinyl sample is gated to the amplitude of that string. On all vinyl samples, there are lowpass filters that have cutoff filter that are controlled by amplitude as well.

The score/instructions for Movements 1, 2, and 4 is as follows:

I. Hello World- Play a long tone on each string.

II. Explore, slowly at first.

III. Lock into environment, create some patterns.

IV. Go crazy, lose control, dig in.

V. Play one or two lyrical lines, leave.

This video is mixed for binaural, please wear headphones

All 8 wave files are below:

Speaker 1, Front Left
Speaker 2, Front Right
Speaker 3, Mid-Front Left
Speaker 4, Mid-Front Right
Speaker 5, Mid-Rear Left
Speaker 6, Mid-Rear Right
Speaker 7, Rear Left
Speaker 8, Rear Right

This is the .wav of the binaural mix:

Hello Worlds Binaraul

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