HW2 AudioVisualizer Final Milestone




Music 256A / CS476a, Stanford University

My Audiovisualizer: Galaxy Lights (light at the speed of sound)

Description:  My audio visualizer, which was once originally intended to look like the northern lights, took on a life of its own as it embraced the aesthetics of light in the darkest of places. On a planet that gazes at the solar system, watch as old friends, odd foes, and surprising visitors near your orbit as you play music in light to the speed of sound.



Screenshot from project

Screenshot from project


Demo Video:



Instructions for use: Use the mouse and AWSD/EQ buttons to navigate the scene if you like!

The production Build: Built for all systems (my machine is Mac OS) 

My Unity Project: filename is (" myUnityAudioVisualizer.zip ") 




This project strayed from my original idea of doing the northern lights but did keep a similar aesthetic in a way. The glow and grandiosity still remained while I got to enjoy the more whimsical aspects as well. This change was partly due to finding a more straightforward and cohesive theme that seemed to emerge as I worked, as well as many ability and time-based limitations I encountered on the way. Being sick did not help me in not only needing to play catch up, but also to complete such a daunting and thoughtful task that had no strict limitations or objectives. I spent the entire weekend just trying to get the spectrum history to work, which was frustrating seeing as it was only one step in the grand scheme of things. I had many ideas that I wanted to add on, but as I worked I realized many portions of this project were fighting against me every step of the way. That being said I am incredibly proud and delighted by what I was able to accomplish, the struggle making each victory all the more fulfilling. 

That being said, I couldn’t have done it on my own. I constantly was following many online tutorials, including the ones featured on the discord, previous milestones, the unity website, and of course youtube. (If you would like a more detailed list of what tutorials I used I did save most of them in various places, however, it would take me a decent amount of time to collect them all seeing as there were so many and such variety.)  

Not only that but I reached out and worked with classmates to tackle the issues I couldn’t solve on my own, and tried my best to provide any help that I could as well.  I did use some assets from the asset store (and the URP demo scene materials to help make my non-earth planet materials), which helped contribute to making my project so visually stunning. Including “Skybox Series Free” by Avionix and “Planet Earth free” by Headwards. I also used one or two splice (Splice.com) samples in my Chuck code to help make my music.