Lead Singer

Alvin Heng

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So how do you use this thing?

The controls are quite simple. First, you select what instrument you'd like to synthesize.

S = synthesizer. G = Guitar. P = Piano. D = Drums
At this point, you can go ahead and sing some pitches into the mic. Be loud and make sure you speak up.
It helps to have headphones so there aren't any issues with feedback.
Once you feel like you're ready to start making a track, press the red record button.

The record button will turn on, and any notes you sing now will get recoreded and be displayed on the main screen.
When you are done recording, simply hit the record button one more time.
To hear what you just played, hit the play button on the right, without the underline. This plays the current layer.
If you want to start over, just hit the reset button.

Select a different instrument and record more layers. If you want to hear how they sound together,
hit the left record button with the underline. This will play all of the layers you have recorded.
If you want to mess around with the reverb of the sound, you can move around the RevBox down at the bottom.

Moving it left, right, up, or down, affects different properties of the reverb. Right clicking and dragging rotates the RevBox.
Pressing the up/down arrow keys changes the color, and yet again another property of the reverb
Try find the perfect sound by putting this box in whatever position you'd like.
When you're ready to close the app, hit the convenient close button!