Lead Singer

Alvin Heng

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Have you ever tried playing an instrument

but gave up because it was too hard?
Maybe there wasn't always a guitar or piano around for you to practice with.
Or maybe you've tried singing, but people have told you never to try again.
Or maybe you can sing or play an instrument, but you just want to try using an awesome synthesizer
that only requires the sound of your voice to make awesome sounding tracks.

How do I know so much about you? Well, I used to be in your shoes, until I created LEAD SINGER.
Lead Singer is an instrument that requires only the sound of your voice. Any pitch you sing into the microphone
will be transformed into a musical instrument. Your singing suddenly sounds like perfectly sounding strums of a guitar
or strokes of a piano. Lead Singer lets you record different tracks using different instruments all coming from your voice
You can play each track one by one to see how it sounds, or play them all together at once.
It also saves a copy of your compilation on your computer for you as well.