Feedback Delay WebChucK Patch

Stereo pitch shift feedback delay effect inspired by Improvisation voix et électronique
IRCAM Manifeste 2023


  1. Start the patch
  2. Adjust Microphone Input gain and Master volume slider
  3. Mess around with sliders. Pitch goes +-2 octaves, delay from 0-1 seconds, and feedback from 0-99%
  4. Note the feedback should be turned up for more fx. Short delay + high feedback sounds cool
  5. Use High Quality Audio if you're using a setup that avoids feedback
Original Max/MSP patch by Claudia Jane Scroccaro and Mikhail Malt
Implemented in WebChucK (ChucK for Web)

author: terry feng
date: 6/26/2023


High Quality Microphone (no echo cancellation, original sound, wear headphones)

Chuck Code