Music 220C: Research Seminar In Computer-Generated Music

This project is intended to build musical songs out of live-sampled loops recorded with ChucK. Originally designed with a bass guitar in mind, it ultimately is applicable to any recordable sound with various sound effects available for the performer to manipulate the samples.


June 5th: I have finally gotten everything as wrapped up as I would like. I've added a copy of the final ChucK coding that I used for the performance during the CCRMA Spring concert and an audio recording of the actual performance I did with Chris Chafe's daxophone instrument. I would like to continue to use this project when I return next fall to fully construct the looping mechanisms and to impliment the processing and modulating effects I intended originally so that the daxophone can sound even crazier.

Lup-It 3.0.3

Lup-It Performance at CCRMA Spring Concert 5/27

May 28th: The couple of versions following this have been attemps to re-organize some of the structural and conceptual levels of how the coding works. I ultimately have been moving away from trying to have the different loops synchronized to begin playing at the same time as well as getting rid of the loop length parameter manipulations so that it can be a more abstract, soundscape-creating program than a precise, beat-based looping mechanism. Though these developments came afterwards when making version 3.0.3,
there is the integration of the event class in ChucK in the other 3.0 attempts that did actually correctly have loops begin together. I unfortunately never was completely able to get the loops to be all the same length or play correctly in sytematic patterns based on the loop length, so I decided it would work better as an ambient, soundscape generator.

Lup-It 3.0.2
Lup-It 3.0.1
Lup-It 3.0

May 3rd: I have finally gotten something up and running that actually gets sound samples successfully and replays them through ChucK using LiSa unit generators versus the SndBuf. These are kind of tricky and I am working out how to get the varying voices playing correctly and synchronized, but it is difficult to keep organized the different loop lengths and starting points.

Lup-It 2.5
Lup-It 2.0

April 21st: Here is the first attempt. I admit it has very little so far, but I am working on figuring out how to conceptually build the program to do what I want. I began with getting the mousepad to be able to calculate a value that can be used as a metronome which hopefully can be a timing mechanism for whenever I get loops to record sounds and play them with the SndBuf ugens.

Lup-It 1.0