A drum and bass machine

About Ba-Dum-Tss

Author: Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
Date: Fall '14

Ba-Dum-Tss is a step sequencer which allows one to sequence drum beat and bass notes. This is a concept prototype which is aiming to enable people with minimal musical background create music. I'd love your feedback.

Sadly, only Mac builds exist as of now, Linux and Windows builds out soon. Feel free to download the source code and create your own makefiles for other operating systems.


Mac OSX: Executable

The source code is available here

Build instructions

Download build from the links above and then extract it.
To extract: $ tar -zxvf <archive>
To build: $ make
To run: $ ./ba-dum-tss
Ba-Dum-Tss require lib-fluidSynth to work.
To install FluidSynth: $ brew install fluidsynth pkg-config


Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
'h' - print this help message
'`' - toggle fullscreen (below esc key)
'<esc>' - quit visualization
'<tab>' - switch instruments
left and right arrows to cycle b/w patches/notes
or use the following keys to select notes/patches
	'-'	'='	
	'p'	'['	
	'l'	';'	
	','	'.'	
and place them on the sequencer
keys correspond to position in the grid, hitting those 
toggles notes in that position
'<spacebar>' to clear all notes
<up-arrow> and <down-arrow> to control tempo
PROTIP: if program crashes, run with wi-fi/bluetooth turned off