Faust to ActionScript conversion project

Travis Skare (travisskare@stanford.edu)

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Faust is a programming language for efficient DSP development. ActionScript is utilized by Adobe's Flash/AIR for internet and desktop applications. Through the use of Adobe Labs' Alchemy experiment, an ActionScript to C++ converter using LLVM, this project provides a framework to compile Faust .dsp files into Flash .swf files that can be hosted on webpages as example DSP code.


Development Requirements (to convert your Faust files into applets) User requirements (for Playing generated files):
Documentation and development details are located at http://docs.google.com/View?id=dcsjnnbk_18f8qmg63w
See the code zipfile and the Online Documentation for more information.

List of Demos

The following are compiled versions of code included with Faust. All demos compiled the first time without any extra steps or fixes.


Thanks to Julius Smith, CCRMA at Stanford, and Faust and Adobe for providing great tools.