Homework 2 for MUSIC 220a

This is the homework submission for homework 2 by Thomas Walther.

Radio Play

I recorded a dialog between Ted and Barney from the tv series 'How I Met Your Mother' (click here for a short clip of it). I used binaural panning to locate the characters in the room - since I am speaking both characters' voices (and the waitress at the end), the listener relies on the room positioning to hear if Ted, Barney or the waitress is talking.


Recording was done in Ardour. Tracks were then imported to Logic to pan them to 5.1 surround. I exported the channels, discarded the LFE channel (subwoofer) and equally distributed the sound of the center channel to the front left and front right channels with Audacity. The resulting four channel audio was then processed with ChucK and the Binaural4 class into stereo audio (the resulting left and right channel files were combined into a stereo wav file with sox).


My hw2.ck file is very basic, basicly just the contents of the tutorial. The four channel audio used to produce the binaural file can be downloaded as a zip file. Note that you need both the Binaural.ck and its impulse response files from the m220 homework 2 site.

The Binaural Audio

Go grab the result.

download .wav