Music 256, Sequencer Sketches

After the Chickencer crash course, I have a basic understanding of the bones of a Chunity sequncer – I'm sure it will take quite a bit of iteration to realize any of the ideas I'm about to propose, but I have a starting point! I especially appreciated the explanations re: Chuck and Unity excahnging spacing/timing updates.

On to my ideas – each of them deals with a simulation of a physical space, although each handles sound triggering, playheads, and soundscapes differently. In retrospect, I think they each need a bit of fleshing out, especially regarding how filtering and parallell tracks might fit in. But they're fun ideas that could provide an interesting user experience once in working order. Excited to hear feedback!

Random Object Sequencer

random object sequencer

Wine Glass Sequencer

wine glass sequencer

Flashlight Sequencer

flashlight sequencer

Sequencer Milesone 1

Them Footsteps in the Dark (Sequencer Final Submission)

This sequencer places the player in a dark environment, given no instructions, other than to explore. You search aimlessly with your flashlight, and objects emrge from the mist with no warning.

And when you shine your flashlight on the objects... are those... sounds? From what unholy maw do these phantom noises slither?? They sound suspiciously like a Isley Brothers song... or is that Thundercat?

Who knows. Who cares. Enjoy.

Use your arrow buttons to move and your mouse to adjust your view. Use your flashlight's beam to trigger sounds. Explore!

Unity Project Folder link: Sequencer – Them Footsteps in the Dark