MUSIC220C - Spring 2022

Explorations in Composition, Songwriting, Producing, Mixing and Mastering

Week 8-9

Week 7-8

Week 6

Week 5

Week 3-4

Week 2

Week 1

Week 0 - Ideation

My aim for the quarter is to have 2-3 tracks that I plan to release on Spotify soon after the end of the quarter. I want to build upon skills learnt in MUSIC 101, which I took last quarter, which include production, mixing and mastering to create a high quality polished product. I also plan to become more familiar with the studio at CCRMA, and use that facility as a resource in completing these tracks. Another theme will be collaborating with friends and peers who are particularly skilled in these areas, and learning from their expertises.

In terms of the music I want to work on, my EP that I made for MUSIC 101 was predominantly instrumental. However, I’d like more of the tracks a work on in this class to feature my vocals in addition to my saxophone playing. The 3 tracks I'm thinking of working on are:

Track 1 - Hail Mary:

My Grandma is a dedicated Catholic, and whenever she would come round and stay with us over the summer, she would always watch mass on EWTN, which is a Catholic TV station. There’s a melody they used to sing during the mass to the words of a line of the Hail Mary prayer. I think it’s a beautiful melody and it’s such with me over the years I plan to work out a chord progression, a bridge, and record this in the CCRMA studio with a group of musicians. I’ll also probably add overdubs etc. after the initial recording.

Track 2 - Omo, In This Life

I had this melody idea + some lyrics for an Afrobeats influenced track. I’ll probably co-produce this one with my friend Seyi in Logic/Ableton This viralDavido video inspired the melody. I plan to perform this at the Stanford African Students Association Cultural show on Friday May 20th

Track 3 - Sampling Change of Tone

Not 100% sure if I’ll pursue this one; it depends on time. I think the intro of Change of Tone, by R+R Now, could be really cool. It’d be inspired by the Production of J-Dilla.

Change of Tone - R+R Now