Field Recording, Composition and Performance for Ecology Conservation in Patagonia, Chile

Program Notes

This piece is a part of the interdisciplinary project, field recording, composition and performance for ecology conservation in Patagonia, Chile, that the composer works with the Sub-Antarctic Bioculture Conservation Program, which is run by the University of North Texas, Universidad de Magallanes and Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity in Chile. The project requires the composer to do field recording on Navarino Island, Chile and compose a piece that incorporate these recordings.

The recordings were the main sources of musical gestures in this composition. For the interest of accentuating the idea of conservation, symphonies of birdcalls and natural sounds such as river were incorporated into the piece. The composer intended to obtain a balance between her musical ideas and the concept of conservation through the process of manipulating the sounds and the structure of the piece. This project is funded by the Center for the Latin American Studies.

Note: This version of program notes was used for the course concert MUSIC 222 Sound in Space which was also a part of CCRMA's annual Spring Concert of 2015. The concert was held in Stanford Bing Concert Hall 7:30pm on May 20, 2015.

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