Music 220c/MUSIC 220d Spring 2015- Composition Projects

Spring 2015

Shu Yu Lin

Project I: Coexistence

a multichannel 3rd order ambisonic composition for 3D surround system


The purpose of this project was to field record in the Patagonia region of Chile, compose a piece of music that incorporate the these recordings and to perform it to the public. Field recording was carried out on Navarino Island, Chile with the assistance from the scientists who work for Sub-Antartic Biocultural Conservation Program. These recordings were edited at Stanford and used as main source of musical elements in the piece Coexistence. It was a multichannel 3rd order ambisonic piece for 3D surround system. Furthermore, the piece was specifically composed for the Stanford Bing Studio where its premire was held. The concert was a part of the course concert for MUSIC 222 Sound in Space and CCRMA's annual Spring Concert. Overall, the project was completed and the process of carrying out the project was rewarding.

Composition Proposal

Below is a link to the composition project proposal that was submitted to the class MUSIC 222 Sound in Space in which the lecturer was Fernando Lopez-Lezcano and the TA was Alex Hay. This proposal was written from the perspective of a composer in which the content centers the piece.
  • projectProposal
  • Timeline

  • week2: match the recordings to each bird and adopt the most appropriate way to eliminate environmental sound
  • week3: try the technology to be used; overal structure of the piece; select the recordings that I will be using in the piece
  • week4: clean sound files; try ambisonics
  • week5: compose
  • week6: compose
  • week7: compose
  • week8: performance!
  • Project Web Page

  • For more information, including detailed project report, examples of recordings and recordings of Coexistence and rapid fire talk on the project please visit project webpage.

  • Project II: Delusion

    for double bass and electronics


    Delusion is a piece that I have been working on since the beginning of the year 2015. The piece was initially designed for double bass and electronics, which I specify for it to use Chuck audio programming language to perform. In Delusion, electronics sets up the piece's atmosphere and it also took a crucial role of presenting 3 most important tone rows in the beginnig. For double bass, I allowed it to have the freedom to improvise. Since I was free of any constraints from any third party, I composed this piece for enjoyment. Delusion was premiered during the MUSIC 220C Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music class presentation on June 9, 2015.

    Project Web Page

  • Please visit project webpage for program notes, brief analysis, scores, recording and code.

  • For more information about Shu Yu and her work, please visit her at

  • Here are Shu Yu's biography and resume.
  • Shu Yu's biography
  • Shu Yu's resume

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