Sunflower Robots Photos at Burning Man 2006 & their evolution.

Photos of the Sunflowers Crew! at Burning Man 2006.

The Sunflower Robots track the sun during the day, energizing their batteries that they use during the night to light up their colored lights. They also react to humans, beware!

Concept:by:Stefano:Art:by:Antonio:Brandon:Brian:Carlo:Dan:David:Drago:Erich:Giorgio: Irma:Jeff:Karen:Kathryn:Lala:Lewis:Mamuka:Mark:Olya:Rochelle:Sameer:Sammie:Stefano:Su

To contact us email: sunflowerrobots at gmail dot com


Large Scale Art Installation at Burning Man 2006

Download here the project description [9Mb].

The project was also shown at Coachella Music&Art Festival - Treasure Island Festival

California Academy of Science and several other events