Moaning in Pain

Soohyun Kim


If you just stay calm, you get lines with positive words.

If you start moaning, you get lines with negative words.

If you moan louder and louder, you get negative lines faster and faster and faster.


ChucK code


Demo Video



My motivation was to make an interactive poetry writing system that can react to user’s emotion. Because I believe one important aspect of poetry is that it should reflect the writer’s emotion. In this assignment I concentrated on capturing that aspect of poetry.

But frankly speaking what I actually did here is like the most rudimentary level of that kind of system. Here the system reacts to the moaning sound that user makes. I used RMS detection to detect the sound and measure the level of the sound.

Another cheat here is that actually the input sound does not necessarily need to be moaning sound; we can just laugh loudly and this one will react the same.

In fact, there is a research area called speech emotion recognition. So If you want to make this kind of system seriously, you have to use some speech emotion recognition.



I started this assignment from Prof. Ge Wang's ''.