220d: Research in Computer-Generated Sound


My work in 220d has consisted of an internship in Paris, France, at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory (Sony CSL) from the beginning of January to mid-March 2007. During the three months I spent at Sony CSL, I was part of a research project called Mobile Social Music Systems (MoSoMuSo) led by Sony CSL researcher and Stanford MST Ph.D. Atau Tanaka. For my internship, I worked three days a week full-time, totaling roughly 240 hours.

This internship was a fantastic opportunity for me to delve into some truly fascinating topics, such as the social and psychological meanings of shared music, personal music systems, and intuitive communicative exchange through music and sound. Not only did I have the chance to understand how user experience can inform the design of new mobile music systems, but my work at Sony CSL will have direct and important implications for the development of new communicative systems and music technology. I learned a tremendous amount through helping out with this research and am excited to take part in further stages as the project continues!

This webpage consists of several sections that outline my work at Sony CSL Paris from January to March. To get started, check out any of the following sections. I recommend starting from the beginning to get a full picture of my work, from beginning to finish.

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