Physical models of friction driven musical instruments.
With Julius Smith
More material here

Accurate bowed string models and playability.
With Jim Woodhouse, Julius Smith and Paul Galluzzo.

Extended performance techniques for virtual instruments.
With Matthew Burtner

Elasto-plastic friction models.
With Federico Avanzini and Davide Rocchesso.

Banded waveguides: theory and applications.
With Georg Essl.

Modeling the stick and slip sound production mechanism of the spiny lobster.
With Sheila Patek.

Violin physical model and hyperbow controller.
With Diana Young.



The Strad group. Read an article here

Controllers for virtual bowed strings.
With Richard Dudas, Sile O'Modhrain, Charles Nichols.

Modeling a violin body using a waveguide mesh.
With Patty Huang and Julius Smith.