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CCRMA, Stanford University, A Visiting Scholar
A Lecturer at Korean National University of Arts & at University of Seoul
Stanford University, Stanford, California;
Stanford University, D.M.A. in Composition
Studies with Jonathan Harvey, Chris Chafe and Brian Ferneyhough
A year-long Program in Composition and Computer Music at IRCAM
Studies with Philippe Hurel, Tristan Murail, Alejandro Viņao, Ivan Fedele, and Marco Stroppa
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts;
Special student in Media Lab, Studies with Barry Vercoe
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts; M.M. in Composition
Studies with Richard Cornell and Lukass Foss
Chugye University for the Arts, Seoul, Korea; B.A. in Composition
Studies with Sungho Hwang, and Kangyul Ih

Performance Hightlights in Music Festivals & Artist Residencies

Collaborative work with Fellowtravelers Performance Group: ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA

Resident Artist: Music OMI International Residency Program, Hudson Valley, NY
Selected work in ICMC 2002, Göteborg, Sweden
Selected composer at IRCAM at Agora Festival, Paris, France
Selected work in Primavera en La Habana, Habana, Cuba
Resident Artist: Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Woodside, CA
Resident Artist: Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
Guest composer in Seoul International Computer Music Festival
Broadcast on Korea Radio Channel (KBS1), SICMF, Seoul, Korea
Selected work in XIII CIM 2000; Colloquium on Musical Informatics, l'Aquila, Italy
Selected composer in Centre Acanthes 2000/IRCAM, Avignon, France
Selected work in Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
Participant in ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Berlin, Germany
Participant in Stockhausen-Kurse, Kurten, Germany
Broadcast on Czech Radio Channel, Vltava, MUSICA NOVA, Prague, Czech

Awards, Grants and Sholarships

Electronic Music Studio, Presentation, Stockholm, Sweden
IRCAM Presentation at Agora Festival, Paris, France
Florida Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, Grant, Gainesville, FL
Stanford University, CCRMA Grant, Primavera en la Havana, Havana, Cuba
Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Grant for Young Korean Musician in Abroad, Seoul, Korea
Djerassi Resident Artists Program, OSHITA Fellowship, Woodside, CA
Stanford University Grant, XIII CIM 2000, l'Aquila, Italy
Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstadt '00, Darmstadt, Germany
Acanthes: Concours internationaux de la ville de Paris, Avignon, France
Honorable mention in Luigi Russolo International Computer Music Competition, Rome, Italy
Stanford University, Graduate School, Department of Music Full Scholarship
Stanford University, Medical School Project Grant, Cantor Center for Visual Arts
A collaborative work of Stanford University Digital Art Center (SUDAC)
Stanford University, Travel Grant
Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstadt '98, Darmstadt, Germany
Stanford University, Asia/Pacific Scholars Program Fellowship
Stanford University, Department of Music, Organ Scholarship
Boston University, School for the Arts, Department of Music, Scholarship
Commissioned by DaeKu 2nd Contemporary Music Festival

Teaching Experiences

Lecturer at Technology Department, Graduate School in Music,
The Korean National University of Arts; M463100 Performance Technique

Lecturer at Performance Administration, Graduate School of Urban Sciences,
University of Seoul; 9108 Music Media
* For having a broad vision, and for dealing with use of interdisciplinary
arts - such as music, media, video, & dance, etc. Students have a final
project on which collaborates an interactive work with all the participants.
Having a discussion session on the topic of participants' presentation.
Links between academic content & development of technical skills.
The project has to be performed at the end of semester

Teaching Assistant Stanford University, Department of Music
MUS 21: Element of Music; Diatonic Harmony
MUS 22: Element of Music; Chromatic Harmony
MUS 19: Introduction to Music Theory
MUS 121: Analysis of Tonal Music
MUS 122B: Harmonic Materials of the 19th Century (Major)
* Designed and taught musicianship section. Graded assignments and exams.
Conducted individual tutorials during office hour

Teaching Assistant Boston University, School for the Arts, Music Division
SFA MU 411/611 Electronic Music II (Major)
SFA MU 412/612 Electronic Music III (Major)
SFA MU 101 Music Theory I (Major)
SFA MU 102 Music Theory II (Major)
* Electronic music techniques; programming of controllers, sequencers, editors, etc.;
introduction to multitrack recording: lab assignments, individual lab projects
* Elements of tonal music; Keyboard harmony and coordination exercises

Music Technology Skills

Implementation of live recording studio, including purchase, set-up, maintenance,
Sound reinforcement, Composition, Synthesis, Digital Audio Production,
Computer-Assisted instruct Technology, and MIDI Computer Laboratory
* Proficiency in the following Programming Languages:
Programming in LISP: CLM (Common Lisp Music)
Programming in Mac: Csound
* Proficiency in the following Software:
Linux/SGI-based: CLM, Unix, Xemacs, Sound Editor, Real Track
Macintosh-based: Pro Tools, MAX/MSP, Spat, Audio Sculpt, Modalys, Peak,
Csound, Diphone, ResAn, AddAn, Studio Vision Pro, Logic, Cakewalk Pro
* Proficiency in the Device: Priority Interrupt Controller (PIC16F877)

Professional Experience and Affiliations

Co-curator of exchange concert between Stanford and Harvard
Curator of CCRMA spring concert; Organize Western U.S. tour VoxNova of Paris, France
Curator of exchange concert between Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS) &
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)


Jonathan Harvey
Professor in Composition
Stanford Univ. Department of Music, Stanford, CA94305

Chris Chafe
Associate Professor and Director of CCRMA
Stanford Univ. Department of Music, Stanford, CA94305

Melissa Hui
Assistant Professor in Composition and Theory
Stanford Univ. Department of Music,
Stanford, CA94305-3076

Philippe Hurel
Compositeur/Professeur ā l'IRCAM
Cursus d'informatique musicale
1, Place Igor Stravinsky, 75004 Paris, France

Richard Cornell
Associate Professor in Composition
Boston Univ. 855 Commonwealth Ave.
School for the Arts, Music Division
Boston, MA 02215

Sungho Hwang
Associate Professor
The Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea

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