Seungyon-Seny Lee

As a composer and a teacher in a pedagogical institution, I think it is important to actively support and coordinate artistic and social events. My idea of organizing performance or exhibition is based on 'Arts meets Science and Technology' philosophy, which features interdisciplinary works by each student who devotes to their society to interlock with other academic fields. The experience in electro-acoustic and multimedia composition at CCRMA has reinforced the importance in sound art communication between technology and arts.

At The Korean National University of arts, my teaching experience of the subjects on sound media and performance technique in multimedia composition. Those courses were let students having broad vision and dealing with use of interdisciplinary arts. Demonstrate to the students about the audiovisual materials of current performers and artists in each different fields of art, and support them the concept of the art projects. Also lecturing about historical background in the sound / media / video / performing arts by artists and chorological main issues. For having a discussion session on the topic of participants' presentation, students collaborate an interactive work in the multidisciplinary arts. I also give students knowledge how to links between academic content and development of technology, and between science and sound art content by presenting examples of current works in the world.

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Seungyon-Seny Lee was born in Seoul, Korea, and she has studied composition with Sungho Hwang and Kangyul Ih at ChuGye University for the Arts from 1988 to 1992. She received a M.M. degree in composition at Boston University, where she studied with Lukas Foss and Richard Cornell, and she also studied with Barry Vercoe at Media Lab MIT. In D.M.A Program at Stanford University, she studied with Jonathan Harvey, Chris Chafe, and Brian Ferneyhough.

She has composed for both acoustic and electronic means, as well as for animation and documentary film. In 1999, She collaborated with professor Greg Lam Niemeyer at SUDAC presenting a multimedia installation "Flythrough" has been performed in Cantor Center for Visual Arts .

Further more, she is interested in scientific aspect works; "Falling Drops", and " Je est un Autre I" which are both presented in APS, New Orleans, U.S., and are collaborating works with Jens Walther in Institute of computational sciences, Zurich, Switzerland.

One of her percussion quartet series "ChukWon I" was broadcasted by Czech Radio channel Vltava where entered for Musica Nova 99. It has been performed in US, Germany, and Italy at festival such as Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstadt, XIII CIM, Colloquium on Musical Informatics in l'Aquila. "Chukwon I" was also awarded honorable mention in the Luigi Russolo Competition 2000.

Her multimedia series "Je est un Autre III" has been performed in Stanford California and Acanthes, Concours internationaux de la ville de Paris, in Avignon, France.

As a resident artist, she has been in Paris at Cite Internationale des Arts program, and she received a residence award in Djerassi Resident Artists Program in 2001 in Woodside, CA.

In the present, Seungyon-Seny Lee is a composer in a year-long course in composition and computer music at IRCAM in 2000-2001.

Classes 96-99:

  • CS 106A: Programing Methodology
  • ART 070: Photography I
  • ART 175AB: Illusion of Life
  • 3D Animation: Ex Vacuo
  • MUS 120: Introduction to Composition and Programming using MIDI-Based Systems
  • MUS 192AB: Advanced Sound Recording Technology
  • MUS 151: Psychophysics and Cognitive Psychology for Musicians
  • MUS 301: Music Analysis
  • A. Modal Analysis
    B. Tonal Analysis
    C. Post-Tonal music Analysis
  • MUS 220A: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
  • MUS 220B: Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial
  • MUS220CD: Seminar in Computer Music Research
  • MUS 149: Instrumental music with Electronics
  • MUS 323: Doctoral Seminar in Composition
  • MUS 325: Individual Graduate Projects in Composition
  • MUS 272B: Keyboard Instruments: Organ
  • Interests & Activities:

  • Reading books: Psychoanalysis ( Lacan, Faucault, Deluze)
  • Playing racquetball, kendo, roller blades, ski, skate, swimming, etc...
  • Taking photograph
  • Traveling all around
  • Watching movies
  • Go to concert, opera, contemporary events and museum
  • Listening all different kinds of music
  • Creating computer generated sound and installation art
  • Collaborating work with video artist, dancers, etc
  • Recording new sound from nature or all possibilities
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