"Je est un Autre" (Self is Other)

Je est un Autre I: Stanford, California (Dec 1999)
Je est un Autre II: Seoul, Korea (Nov 2000)
Je est un Autre III-1: Stanford, California (May 2000)
Je est in Autre III-2: Avignon, France (Jul 2000)
Je est un Autre IV: Paris, France (Jul 2002)

"Je est un Autre," is a journey of imagination and an aesthetic evolution of its ingredients. The total work will consist of four 5-10 minutes; combining electro-acoustic music, and visual images in the first piece, and performance elements in the second piece. Consisting of only acoustic instruments, sextet, will be theatrical music in the third piece, and the fourth piece will be performed with ceramics exhibition in gallery in Rome, Italy.

In these pieces, Imagination, as a metaphor for the unconscious, signifies the existence which struggles within an ego, in memory and in reality, from nil to eternity.

The raw acoustic material will be recordings of the sound of running water, shaking rice, and insects. The sounds will be electronically process, creating a broad palette timbres and sonic textures. These transformations will be used to develop diverse musical layers, inviting the listener to interpret the music through his own imagination.

The imagery for the piece will include animation and photographs. The images were chosen for their symbolic reference to internal psychological states. The animation will be an abstraction of the photographs, signifying the elements of the unconscious which form wishes, desires, and symbols.

In "Je est un Autre I," a fish tank will be placed in front of the video projector. The shadow effect of rippling water delivers images which refer to the unconscious as the foundation of all being.

In addition to images and sound, "Je est un Autre II," will incorporate a performance artist. This piece will continue to explore concepts presented in "Je est un Autre I," with the performer personifying specific facets of the unconscious. The actions of the performer will illuminate three phases of the unconscious: the Real (need), the Imaginary (demand), and the Symbolic (desire) using a plastic installation.