"10 Seconds in Our Life"

Hope Hall is making a 15-minute video about the last 10 seconds of 1999. these 10 seconds are chosen arbitrarily to be filled with emotion; the same span of time is passing as you read this description, yet they pass unnoticed.

Why do we not infuse meaning, excitement, or the sense of possibility into each moment? interviews with a hopeful stanford undergrad and a quiet, 87-year old jesuit scholar mixed with an electronic score to form the sound score to a collage of 30-40 new year's celebrations from around the world.

The images from stills, video, super-8 and 16mm materials will be slowed, frozen, colored, and projected in reshooting them onto dv. the project will then be edited on final cut pro.

Hope Hall - Filmography
"This is for betsy hall"
is a personal film made for an audience of one: my mother, who has had anorexia and bulimia all her life.
We made this film together. She is 60 years old. trt 6:30, 16mm color

Honorable Mention for Short Filmmaking, Sundance Film Festival 2000

Baytv-kron, "documentary, a filmmaker's showcase," december 24, 1999
2 year domestic broadcast rights bought by Sundance Channel, April 1, 2000-2002
4 year local public tv broadcast contract with KQED, San Francisco, 2000-2003