home alone: a final project

home alone: what it is

At its core, home alone serves as a metaphor for overcoming fear of loneliness. As a kid, I used to hate being left alone in the house. It was a fear of isolation coupled with the anxiety and boredom that comes with not knowing what to do with myself. Home alone offers a solution, albeit a rather whimsical one to deal with these overwhelming thoughts.
The scene starts with you outside of a house. It is unclear who's house it is, but the sentiment is that you are alone. You don't know what your purpose is in the house, but instructions appear to tell you what to do.
As you go on, you begin to light up lamps, which illuminate the dark house. The lamps are first turned on and then adjusted to the right color for your taste. Each color has a different pitch associated with it.
The illuminated lamps follow you as you make your way through the house. The soundtrack grows as your group of comrades grows.
As you make your way to the end of the house, you enter a large room with a mirror. Looking into the mirror, you can see that you are not alone.
On the wall in this final room, you see a collection of colored lights. They, too, hold instructions.
You begin to dance and play your own notes. You become one with the music.
This is home alone. Not so alone but definitely at home.

home alone: demo

home alone: how to run it

  • download and install Unity.
  • download and install ChucK.
  • download the zip file.
  • unzip the zip file.
  • follow prompts to play