Homework 3: Sequencer

Sami Wurm



This is my sequencer! It is a game of wordle with audio feedback because the game board is also a sequencing grid. Different sounds are made for empty boxes, boxes with correct letters, boxes with letters that are in the word but are in the wrong place, and boxes with letters that are not in the word. The sounds being played also change if you use a certain word while playing (see video to find out which word), and if you win! :D

How to Use:

To use Wordler, simply hit play on your unity game. The sequencer will start going and sound will commence. Then, click the letters on the keyboard on the screen to enter your word guesses. Click enter to submit a guess and backspace to remove a letter you have typed. Guesses must be five letters. You have six guesses to get it right, or else you lose :(


This was a fun project! It is very different from the last one and feels more silly and whimsy, which could definitely be a good thing for me. My inspiration was that I love wordle and word games, and of course music, so I decided to combine them. Also I saw this girl on tiktok make a song that was also a crossword puzzle (hard to explain) and it looked suuuuper cool. I was picturing this game as something that can be used in a performance venue (probably with more club-type beats instead of these anxiety-inducing sounds... but maybe not) to express a journey towards something. Something like TRUST or a LOVER or PEACE. I love the idea of building a narrative through words and I definitely have the space to do that in an attention grabbing way with this medium/tool. The most difficult part was definitely getting a grasp on Chunity and how to send cues out of chuck into unity and vice versa in order to make the audiovisual triggers align in time. HUGE shoutout to Celeste for helping me to understand how to implement my different ideas with Chunity and how to code my chuck in-line in my unity project :) Also, the visuals were super fun to play around with! Credit to https://lootlocker.com/guides/how-to-make-wordle-in-unity-part-1 for their super helpful guide that I referenced to make the basis of my WORDLE game. This was super helpful and got me off the ground running. I think that my game is super satisfying the way that it is now, and I can imagine adding more and more elements to it like more sound effects/hacks/colors. In the future, I would like to add some non-letter characters and to make the keyboard letter colors reset at the same time that the board resets.

Milestone 2

Here is milestone one of my sequencer! I have made a working wordle game, where sound feedback aligns with the letter boxes of wordle. There is one sound for an empty box, another for a correct letter, another for a correct letter in the wrong place, and a fourth for an incorrect letter. I have code to generate the 'correct word' by random but for narrative and artistic purposes I am assigning the correct word manually in the code because I want the sequencer to portray a certain message.

Milestone 1

From doing the tutorial and researching sequencers online (and finding past projects from 256 online), I've found that there are many ways to make a fun sequencer. From interactive games, to coloring books, to simple mixer set-ups. It seems that the biggest challenge for me is going to be A. To pick an idea because I'm pretty torn at the moment, and B. To implement graphics motion. That is what seemed the most confusing to me when I was doing the tutorial, but I'm sure I need to dive into it in my own sequencer in order to fully grasp it anyway. I have four designs that I really like at the moment (all below). A hand with fingers that tap different sound samples (key controlled so that you feel as if it is your hand doing the tapping), a whirling wind of sound that takes in live input samples of sounds and adds different effects to them as they move to each place in the sequencer, a big customizable record player that has the hand move to different tracks of different shapes and colors to play different samples, and a WORDLE game that makes different sounds based on the position, row, and correctness of your letters, all accumulating sounds to make one big song at the end.