Music 220b - Final Project

"Interactive Collage"



"Interactive Collage" is a piece/real-time performance environment, using different software and human interface devices like Rob Hamilton's q3Osc, webcam and wiimote. It uses Disklavier and some sound synthesis methods, together with cellular automata for the algorithmic music generation.

One part the work uses subtractive synthesis to generate filtered noise timbre. The related synthesis parameters are interactively controllable using wii-mote and webcam. The other part uses “Game of life” cellular automata to algorithmically generate a musical structure to be mapped to MIDI out events. “Open sound control” is used as the communication protocol from human interface devices to ChucK code. “Osculator” maps wii-mote events to OSC messages, and “Procesing” was used to capture and detect performer motion using web-cam. The code compares subsequent frames to perform motion detection and map some related coordinates to the subtractive synthesis parameters. On the other hand, a 7*7 cellular automata was used to generate the musical structure by mapping the automata rows to control notes velocity, pitch and duration for three different oscillators. FM synthesis was used to generate FMScape.wav as the fixed part of the piece.




A demo video: Demo.mp4


A piece based on a live performance was recorded and mixed for surround system, also using the vocal of another piece named "Mandala" by Cecilia Wu, Chris Chafe and Jay Kadis.







Stereo mixdown: InteractiveCollage-Stereo.wav