Reza Payami

Music 220a - Homework 5


Final Binaural Audio File

For this homework, microphone input was converted into computer generated sound by means of real-time tracking. The following real-time trackers were used as the controllers for their related synthesis methods:

amplitudeTracker -> FM Synthesis - ADSR
amplitudeFrequencyTracker -> Sample Playing - Amplitude and Playback Rate
amplitudeSpectrumTracker -> Subtractive Synthesis - Noise Filter Cutoff Frequency and Resonance

The following instruments were used in different sections of the piece:

Free section: FM, Sample Player
Rythm Section: FM, Noise Filter
Scored Section: Sample Player, Noise Filter

The score was drawn based on the double-speed version of the nature recording and the events were marked using its spectrogram. Some of the
events were played as the long-duration notes as a flexible interpretation. The Sample Player performs the pedal-like birds sound (the upper area in the score) and the Noise Instrument plays other events (the sound of mosquitoes and other animals).


Modified trackers ChucK code:

amplitudeTracker - FM

amplitudeFrequencyTracker - Sampler

amplitudeSpectrumTracker - Noise Filter


Spatialization ChucK Code:


Intermediate audio files:










Sample file


The colored boxes in the score image below show different types of events in the nature recording (e.g. white: birds singing, black: mosquitoes, etc.) Only the first one minute of the score was used for generating the audio file.