robert hamilton · ·
Friday, March 9, 9:15 am · room 130 Music Hall · SEAMUS 2007, Iowa State Univ.

Maps & Legends: an FPS-based Interface
for Composition and Improvisation

by Robert Hamilton*

*Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)

Stanford University   ·   ·

This paper describes an interactive multi-channel multi-user networked system for real-time composition and improvisation built using a modified version of the Quake III gaming engine. By tracking user's positional and action data within a virtual space, and by streaming that data over UDP using OSC messages to a multi-channel Pure Data (PD) patch, users' actions in virtual space are correlated to sonic actions in a physical space. Virtual environments designed as abstract compositional maps or representative models of the user's actual physical space are investigated as means to guide and shape compositional and performance choices.