is the same... is not the same

is the same... is not the same - commissioned by saxophonist and composer C.R. Kasprzyk - is a multi-leveled development of a five-note theme from Paul Creston's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano. Written in the Fall of 2004 the piece draws inspiration and its title from the words of composer Narcis Bonet. Through rhythmic and harmonic variation of the saxophone part, coupled with real-time and pre-recorded transformations of pitched and unpitched sound materials, is the same... is not the same attempts to create a continuously shifting sound world where the interactions between saxophonist and computer can range from complementary and harmonic to confrontational and antagonistic.

is the same... is not the same was realized at the CCMIX studios in Alfortville, France. Sounds generated for the piece were created using a variety of tools including UPIC, Kyma and Max/MSP, and the work is available as a Max/MSP executable.