Dichotomous Harmonies

Dichotomous Harmonies is an interactive multi-media work for 1000 virtual trombones and 1 analog live trombone with accompanying database-driven visualization (based on Jieun Oh and Ge Wang's "Converge" project). Performance data was collected from one-thousand recorded performances of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluijah" extracted from Smule's Leaf Trombone: World Stage application database. Using ChucK, each performance was resynthesized and combined into a new multi-channel fixed-media layer. Excerpts from the database were controlled and performed in real-time by a custom iPad interface and a live trombonist performed telematically from Bournemouth, UK.

This performance was recorded live at the Milano-Torino MiTo Settembre Musica festival in Milano, Italy on September 7, 2010 as part of the "Play Your Phone!" concerts presented by CCRMA artists. The work was presented in 8-channel audio, with interactive processing controlled with an iPad control application.


Composition and programming: Rob Hamilton

Visualization: Jieun Oh and Ge Wang

iPad Controller: Spencer Salazar

Trombone: Steve Hayes