Dialoghi is a networked mixed-reality improvisation with a base built out of sonic elements first found in Dei Due Mondi and Canned Bits Mechanics. As a virtual performer flies through a debris-packed space field, its avatar motion controls spatialization and playback of sounds sampled from the prior two works. The virtual performer is but one improvisor, playing alongside networked piano, violin, celetto and electric violin, connected across the internet.
Dialoghi was premiered at the September 12th 2009 MiTo Festival performance of Una Sirata In Sirikata, at the Politecnico Sede di Milano Bovisa, Aula De Carli. Networked performers from Missoula Montana (Chris Chafe, Charles Nichols) and Stanford, California (Debra Fong) performed with pianist Chryssie Nanou on stage in Milano.


Celetto: Chris Chafe

Electric Violin: Charles Nichols

Violin: Debra Fong

Piano: Chryssie Nanou

Sirikata Performer: Rob Hamilton

Audio Programming: Rob Hamilton, Juan-Pablo Caceres

Sirikata Engineering: Daniel Miller, Patrick Reiter Horn

Art Direction: Chris Platz