Dei Due Mondi
Dei Due Mondi explores the use of virtual space as both communal instrument and dynamic meeting space, bringing together musical performers from around the globe who interact with the environment as well as themselves as the piece unfolds. Worlds collide and become one as motion and gesture in the virtual world are realized as audible sound and music in the physical world. The audience itself teeters on the edge, positioned between two worlds, as a multi-channel sound system surrounds and envelops the concert hall, placing virtual performers and their musical gestures around and directly within the listening space.
In its 2009 premiere performance at the MiTo Festival, eight virtual performers - some located in Milano, some located in the CCRMA Stage in California - each control the spatialization of one channel of an eight-channel tape piece. Set within a fantastical "open-air" virtual environment were recreations of both the concert hall in Milano (at the Bovisia Polytechnical School) as well as the CCRMA Stage. Performers control the spatialization of their channel of sound simply by moving their avatars in relation to the replica speaker sets of either virtual concert hall, making the work a performance of real-time ensemble spatialization.


Composition: Rob Hamilton

Art Direction: Chris Platz

Audio Programming: Rob Hamilton, Juan-Pablo Caceres

Sirikata Engineering: Daniel Miller, Patrick Reiter Horn