Canned Bits Mechanics

Canned Bits Mechanics by Juan-Pablo Caceres and Robert Hamilton is a mixed-reality composition that marries real-time avatar sonification, piano improvisation, network audio and algorithmic control of dual remote Disklaviers.

This premiere live performance from the 2009 MiTo Festival (Milano, Italy) was part of the Sept. 13, 2009 performance of "Una Serata in Sirikata", an evening of telematic musical performances featuring networked live performances via JackTrip and Sirikata.

While the live pianist in Milano improvised, dual Disklaviers located in California were controlled by a series of the composer's algorithms from the same concert hall in Milano using OSC across the network. The live Sirikata avatar's motion through space was used to control the speed of samples recorded from a mechanical player piano.


Piano: Chryssie Nanou

Composition: Juan-Pablo Caceres

Sirikata Performer: Rob Hamilton

Audio Programming: Juan-Pablo Caceres, Rob Hamilton

Sirikata Engineering: Daniel Miller, Patrick Reiter Horn

Art Direction: Chris Platz, Jason MacHardy