robert hamilton · ·
Friday, November 10, 5:00pm · Paper B/Dieboll B · ICMC 2006, Tulane Univ.

Bioinformatic Response Data as a
Compositional Driver

by Robert Hamilton*

*Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)

Stanford University   ·

This paper describes a software system using bioinformatic data recorded from a performer in real-time as a probabilistic driver for the composition and subsequent real-time generation of traditionally notated musical scores. To facilitate the generation and presentation of musical scores to a performer, the system makes use of a custom LilyPond output parser, a set of Java classes running within Cycling '74's MAX environment for data analysis and score generation, and an Atmel AT-Mega16 micro-processor capable of converting analog bioinformatic sensor data into Open Sound Control (OSC) messages.