A Faust Based Audio Engine for the Stanford Driving Simulator

Romain Michon and Nick Gang*

CCRMA Colloquium - January 12, 2016

*and Mishel Johns, David Sirkin, Nikhil Gowda, Wendy Ju, Matt Wright, Chris Chafe and Sile O'Modhrain


The Stanford Driving Simulator

View of the Parking Lot Where the Simulation Begins

Overview of the Audio Engine

Overview of the Road Noise Synthesizer

Overview of the Source Spatializer

Car Engine Physical Model

Based on a patent by Ananalog Devices, Inc.: Apparatus and methods for synthesis of internal combustion engine vehicle sounds (US 6959094 B1)

We kindly thank Pat Scandalis and Analog Devices, Inc. for giving us the right to use a simplified version of their algorithm.

Screenshot of the Faust Audio Engine

Current State of the Experiment and Future Developments

Thanks! ;)