The CHANT program developed in the eighty’s at IRCAM is the first implementation of the formant wave function synthesis technique (synthèse par fonctions d’onde formantique: "FOF"). The different rules make it possible to obtain satisfactory results for the synthesis of vowels like sounds with a limited number of parameters. Thus, the FOF synthesis is particularly suitable for the singing voice synthesis.

Despite the realistic quality of results and the important number of applications possible for composers, a fully operational version of CHANT has not been available for the past ten years.

The chant-lib library for Open Music offers a complete solution for the re-implementation of CHANT. The PW-Chant library model used in the PatchWork program inspired chant-lib. Signal processing is carried out within the Csound program, via an interface that communicates with OpenMusic, using the om2csound library.

For further information, you can read the online chant-lib manual.

Download chant-lib

You can download the chant-lib library by clicking on the following link:

chant-lib for OpenMusic - version 1.0

This package contain all the chant-lib library functions, a complete documentation (resources/reference) and tutorial examples (resources/examples).


It is recommended to have latest OpenMusic version installed on your computer.

You need first to unzip in your external user libraries directory that has to be defined in OM in OpenMusic Preferences / Libraries / External User Libs Directory.

Finally, you have to make sure that Csound is installed on your computer and that OM knows where to look to find it:

Related Papers

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