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Quantum physics / math professors / girls from other planets / martial arts / robots / science / human spaceflight / speech impediments / vegetarians / homework / Papa Smurf... Our live shows focus almost exclusively on songs with nerd value. We play anywhere in that engineers, programmers, scientists, students and researchers like to congregate, which puts us squarely in Silicon Valley (places like NASA Ames, Stanford; venues like Twitterfest, Maker Faire, even a space masquerade). Despite this demographic, we have a hard time meeting fans (or Zen Finger Painters, as they like to be called) as nerdy as we are.


pre-2004: LAPTOP ROCK: Around 2001 Gregor recorded an album of quirky laptop rock under the name Zen Finger Painting. Later he formed a band called Gregor and the Mechanix that played his songs, and he continued writing and recording more originals.

2004 - 2005: NERD ROCK: I met Gregor and ate up his album. At one of my parties he suggested forming a new band (the Mechanix had disbanded by this time) and I agreed. We were soon joined by Gregor's friend Jonathan Solnit on lead guitar, and my former Wreckage bandmate Paul Larson on drums/vocals. Most of our material was very kooky and stylistically reminiscent of Ween and early Devo. We played as that lineup for about a year, re-arranging a lot of ZFP's past material and adding a few covers (such as "Trunk Fulla Amps" by Self).

2005 - 2008: COLLABORATIONS: We went on a hiatus while Gregor went to the east coast for business school. During that time, Gregor and I collaborated on each other's songs (which resulted in the new arrangement of my song "Sixteenth Summer", as well as a collaboration with Alisa Tantraphol), and we filmed a music video for Quantum Physics Girl, directed by Gregor's college roommate Bill Gienapp.

2008 - present: THE BIRTH OF NERDPOP: Gregor and I resumed practicing when he returned to the Bay Area, but without a drummer we had to come up with synth backing tracks to songs. In doing so we forged a new poppy direction for our nerdy material, and we agreed that we were no longer a rock band but a pop act...hence the new genre "Nerdpop". We came up with new arrangements to the originals from our last lineup, including Down on the Farm, for which we made our second music video. (At this time we compiled all the music we had made since Gregor's first album and released it as "Quantum Physics Girls". "Down on the Farm" made it onto the album.)

Soon we resumed gigging at various venues in South Bay, including Bay Area Yuri's Night 2010, a lineup that included N.E.R.D. and the Black Keys. Gregor moved to D.C. after that, so our shows have since been few and far in between (though we've been experimenting with practicing online using the JamLink). We've completed work on studio versions of our last setlist, which make up part of our new album, "This Is Nerdpop".