A cookbook that transforms recipes into this:

“Of all the submissions I’ve seen at Scribd, this is really unique and a brilliant idea. I can see this going viral.”
- Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd

“I’m totally buying this to teach flowcharts in my systems class.”
- Kelly Na’amah Rickard, George Washington University

“It actually was pretty uncanny how responsive people were to the book...
The words ‘can I buy one’ or ‘where can I get one’ came up frequently.”
- Rick Sheridan, Managing Director of RST Engineering

“I love your cookbook! What a great idea - it completely demystifies cooking. I will definitely share with my readers.”
- Amanda Fredrickson, A Life Well Lived (

“It’s about time someone formatted recipes into diagrams like this. I can’t believe a book like this never existed before! It’s a really intuitive way to look at recipes.”
- Gregor Hanuschak, NASA Headquarters Lead for Commercial Space Partnerships

Check out the e-book at the following stores

Free: download PDF, read online, or read via Scribd app
Free: read via Google Play Books App
$1.99: read on any Kindle device

Printed version of the book

For now it's just an e-book, but some people have expressed interest in having it printed and bound as a gift.

Here's a margined PDF version for printing a bound version.


  • Taschen just published our banana bread recipe as part of their new book: Food & Drink Infographics!
  • See our mention in Stanford Magazine.

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