Hello, fellow Beach Boys fan. This used to be the site of stereo mixes of Beach Boys material that had been only released in mono. Unfortunately, I received a copyright infringement notice and had to take them all down, but you can still find them using Soulseek. If you're having no luck with Soulseek, you can also email me and I'll see what I can do.

Beach Boys stereo mixes I've done:

* When the "official" stereo mix of Pet Sounds' "You Still Believe In Me" was made, the double vocal track was missing. If you have the Pet Sounds mono+stereo CD, listen to the two versions and you'll easily notice the difference. My version is remixed from the tracks provided by the Pet Sounds Sessions box set, and I create a fake double-vocal track from the provided vocal. The resulting mix sounds just like the "official" stereo mix, but with the combined vocals in place of the previous single vocal. I chose to remix from the Pet Sounds Sessions (as opposed to just adding the double vocal to the final mix) so that the final vocal levels would remain unchanged.

** Click here for more information on the SMiLE mixes

Stereo mixes I have that were done by others

* Okay, this is really a Glen Campbell track, but it's included here for being written and produced by Brian Wilson.