1m 50s

Collapse is the sound of a lost automation device walking beneath an empty megacity. Collapse is the search for sonic intimacy on a devastated planet. Collapse is the sound of collapse.

Collapse was made entirely from this sample. Multiple LFOs were used to modulate the sample's playback rate. These LFOs were also used to modulate the detune values of three biquad peaking filters. These were applied to the sample to create three different formants. Automation methods were applied to the LFO and filter values to create musical structure over time.

The output of this modulation was convolved with an impulse response recorded in a concrete tunnel (courtesy of user recordinghopkins on freesound). This reverb was mixed with the dry sample synthesis to add space to the composition.

Photo courtesy of Richie Brown.

Timestamp: Monday, November 4th @ 11PM