Homework 2 for MUSIC 220a


The script for this radioplay was borrowed from the highly acclaimed New Zealand film 'Boy', directed by Taika Waititi (2010). In a comedy/drama genre, the film cuts a slice of life of a young Maori boy growing up in 1984 rural New Zealand. The voice parts were spoken from an edited script.
The song parts are taken from 'Pokarekare Ana', a traditional New Zealand love song. This part is meant to contrast Rocky and Boy, alongside past longing and present day lightheartedness. It takes two parts, the first is sung solo, and the second is a choir.
Voice and song parts were conservatively processed using 'Audacity'.
The role of Boy (Alamein) was played by my husband, Thilina Mallawa Arachchi. I accompanied him in playing Rocky and in the first song part.


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Source Sound Files

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