NetPlucker is an elaboration and extension of MotherPlucker which I made for assignment 2. I have taken the existing structure and added a network component. The idea is that two players each run the program from different computers, passing the other computer's IP address in as a parameter. From there, any note they play on their MIDI keyboard will play not only on their own machine, but on the remote machine. While the input to each program is MIDI, the underlying network protocol uses OSC to send MIDI pitch and velocity data as integers.

Compilation and Running Instructions

Download NetPlucker and uncompress. Using the terminal, navigate to the newly-created folder. Type "make" and hopefully everything should compile smoothly.

Before running the program you must have a midi input connected. If you don't have a physical midi keyboard, try using MidiKeys (for Mac) or vkeybd (for Linux). To run the program type "./NetPlucker [ipaddress] [inputPortNum] [outputPortNum]". If you are using Linux you will also have to start a Jack audio server with qjackctl. Enjoy!