Visual Eyezer is a program that takes audio input from a microphone and plots several visual representations of the sound. Firstly, each buffer of the waveform is displayed directly as a brown / beige color (it is windowed so it tapers at the edges).

Secondly, after finding the fft (fast Fourier transform) of the buffer, a 'waterfall' plot is drawn in blue, showing the current buffer's spectrum and up to 1000 previous buffers' spectrums plotted in space coming towards the camera. The height of each fft bin is plotted on the vertical axis. By plotting each of the history buffers in close proximity the result is a kind of landscape view. Also, as in a spectrogram, the higher the amount of energy in the fft bin, the more brigly colored that particular line segment appears.

Lastly, a third set of lines in red literally connects the peak amplitudes of all the buffers stored. This is controlled with a threshold value, so if a particular buffer doesn't have that much energy in any of its fft bins, no red line will connect to it. The result looks like a kind of web draped over a mountainscape. (I will be posting a video soon for those of you who don't want to download the program yourself.)


Compilation Instructions (For Planet CCRMA Linux Machines)

Download VisualEyezer and uncompress. Using the terminal, navigate to the newly-created folder. Type "make" and hopefully everything should compile smoothly. From there, you just need to run the command ./VisualEyezer to open the application.